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Because You Left
Because You Left
Season 5
Episode 1
Air Date January 21, 2009
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Director Stephen Williams
Flashforward Oceanic Six
Benjamin Linus
Desmond Hume

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Jack and Ben begin to formulate a plan to return to the island. Back on the island, Faraday and the survivors begin to experience time jumps due to Ben and Locke's movement of the island.


The episode begins in the late 1970s, when The DHARMA Initiative has begun to build stations on the island. Dr. Pierre Chang begins to film the orientation film for the Arrow Station, when he is informed of an incident at the construction site of the Orchid Station. Upon arriving there, he realizes that the workers have found the "unlimited" energy source that the Dharma Initiative has been looking for, which will enable them to manipulate time. As he leaves the station, he bumps into Daniel Faraday, who is dressed as a Dharma construction worker.

On December 30, 2004, following the island being moved, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, the freighter team, and Juliet Burke begin to erratically jump through time, while the Others are unaffected. The first jump takes them to the day when the Beechcraft carrying Mr. Eko's brother crashes onto the island. John Locke is shot in the leg by Ethan Rom, who has not yet met him and therefore does not recognize him, while trying to help. Meanwhile, James "Sawyer" Ford, Juliet and the freighter team head to the Swan Station in order to determine when they are. A second jump brings the group forward in time to after the destruction of the station, saving Locke from Ethan in the process. When pressed for an explanation by Sawyer, Daniel Faraday likens the experience to a record skipping. Locke is approached by Richard Alpert, who recognizes Locke and treats his wound. He informs Locke that they will be strangers at their next meeting, and thus gives him a compass to get his younger self to trust Locke. He explains that the only way to stop the erratic movements through time is to bring back everyone who has left the island, and to do that Locke will have to die. At the Swan station, which is now rebuilt, Sawyer attempts to make contact with Desmond Hume), who he believes is inside. When no one answers and Daniel explains that the past can not be changed, everyone heads back to the beach. However, Daniel stays behind and talks to Desmond (in a hazmat suit), telling him that if Desmond's future self and the survivors of 815 made it off the island on the helicopter than he should go to Oxford University and find his mother, in order to help the survivors. Another jump occurs just before Daniel can give his mother's name.

In 2007, following Hugo "Hurley" Reyes' breakout of Santa Rosa, he and Sayid Jarrah go to a safehouse, which has been infiltrated by two armed men. Sayid kills the men, but not before one of them shoots him with a dart, knocking him unconscious. In London, England, while attempting to travel to Los Angeles, Sun-Hwa Kwon is confronted by Charles Widmore at the airport. She tells him that she wants to kill Benjamin Linus a desire they seem to have in common. Back in Los Angeles, two lawyers visit Kate Austen and serve her with a court order for a maternity test for her and Aaron, Claire Littleton's son, whom Kate is raising as her own. Meanwhile, Ben and Jack Shephard have left the funeral parlor with Locke's body. They discover that Hurley has broken out, hindering Ben's plan to reunite the Oceanic Six. On a boat in an unknown location, Desmond wakes up, having remembered what Daniel told him, and sets off for Oxford.

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"Did you hear that? Time travel. How stupid does that guy think we are? "

- Tony

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