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Beatrice Klugh
Ms Klugh
Name Beatrice Klugh
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation One of "The Others"
Episode(s) Three Minutes, Live Together, Die Alone, Enter 77
Played By April Grace

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Beatrice "Bea" Klugh was a member of "The Others" and when Michael is brought to the Others camp, he meets Ms. Klugh who asks Michael several questions about Walt, such as "Are you his biological father?", "When did he start talking?", "Did he have any illnesses?" and most notably, "Did he ever appear anywhere he wasn't supposed to be?" (making a reference to Walt's apparent astral projection seen by Shannon and, later, Sayid.)

Michael eventually demands to see Walt, and she agrees to let them see each other for three minutes. When Walt begins to say "they're not who they say they are" and "they're pretending...", Ms. Klugh has Walt taken away, but not before threatening to send him back to "The Room" if he does not behave (it has been suggested that "the Room" could be Room 23 that Karl was forced to be in). After a brief hug, Walt is taken away and Michael reluctantly agrees to Klugh's demands: rescue Ben, and then bring Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley back to the Others' camp.

Michael eventually fulfills his end of the agreement and arrives with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley, and they are captured by the Others, and brought to the Pala Ferry Dock, where they awaited the arrival of Benjamin Linus, formerly known to the survivors as "Henry Gale", who was revealed as the leader of the Others. Ben provided Michael with the boat, and allowed him to leave the island with Walt. Ben later instructed Klugh to release Hurley, and then she instructed him that his job was to return to the camp and tell the other survivors that they can never come there. Jack, Kate and Sawyer then have bags placed over their heads, and are taken away.

Bea later ended up at the Flame Station with Mikhail Bakunin, and was hiding inside the station in the underground portion. When Kate had entered, Klugh apprehended her, however was caught off guard by Sayid. When Kate realized who Klugh was, she punched her in the face and informed Sayid that she knows where Jack is. When Sayid brought Klugh outside to force a hostage situation, Mikhail had already done so by holding Locke at gunpoint. As Bea and Mikhail argued in Russian, their conversation drew to a close with Mikhail shooting Klugh in the chest, killing her.