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Ana Lucia Cortez
Ana LuciaS2
Name Ana Lucia Cortez
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Police Officer
Airport Security Guard
Family Mother - Teresa Cortez
Flashback(s) Collision, Two for the Road
Played By Michelle Rodriguez

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Ana Lucia was a Police Officer and was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. After traveling with Christian Shephard to Australia as his personal bodyguard, she decided she had enough, and was returning home to Los Angeles.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Ana-Lucia Cortez was a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. One night, when she and her partner responded to a burglary call, a young man ran out the front door. When he told Ana-Lucia he was a student, she allowed him to reach for his ID, but instead he drew his gun and fired 4 times. This event terminated Ana-Lucia’s pregnancy, and she was forced to leave the force to recover. At the time, Ana-Lucia was dating a man named Danny, who was most likely the father of their unborn child. Ana-Lucia began seeing a psychiatrist over the course of 4 months to help her deal with her problems. Sometime near the end of her counseling, Danny broke up with her, claiming that she was one of those people who are better off alone.

After visiting a shooting range and getting to feel a gun in her hand again, Ana-Lucia’s psychiatrist felt that Ana was ready to return to the force. Ana-Lucia’s mother, captain of her police squad, assigned Ana to a desk job in Evidence. Ana-Lucia demanded to be back in her squad car, and when denied, she requested a transfer. Relenting, Ana’s mother agreed to place Ana back in a patrol car.

While on patrol, Ana-Lucia responded to call on a domestic disturbance, and she and her partner arrived on the scene. When the sound of the crying baby began to affect Ana, she drew her gun on the father. Her partner was outraged, and pulling rank, yelled at her to make her holster her weapon.

When they returned to the police station, a detective informed Ana that they had Jason McCormack, the man who shot her, in custody for assault on an elderly woman. When McCormack's fingerprints were taken, they matched those left at the original crime scene. McCormack confessed in interrogation when presented with the fingerprint evidence. However, Ana-Lucia claimed denied the identification, and he was released.

Later that night, Ana-Lucia followed McCormack to a bar, where she had a few drinks. When McCormack left the bar, she followed him out to his car and called out to him. When he turned around, she informed him that she had been pregnant and she shot him three times. She then walked up to the body lying on the ground, and fired three more times, emptying the clip. (Collision)

When Ana is accused by her mother as being the prime suspect, Ana quits the force and attempts to get as far away from her as she can. (Two for the Road)

Ana Lucia leaves the force and eventually finds work as an airport security guard. She meets Christian Shephard at the airport bar, who asks her to accompany him to Sydney as a "bodyguard." They purposefully create fake names for each other: "Tom" and "Sarah." In Sydney, Ana Lucia breaks up an argument when Christian visits a woman and demands to see his daughter. She later tries to convince Christian to return to the States, but he refuses and the two part ways. (Two for the Road)

While in line at the Sydney Airport, Ana-Lucia witnessed a man yelling at the ticket agent. Ana later followed him to the airport bar at 11:50am and joined him for a drink. As the two chatted, Jack revealed that his father had died. When Ana discovered she was on Flight 815 with Jack, she stated that she was seated at 42F and suggested they meet up on the plane for a drink, commenting that 'the worst part was over'. (Exodus - Part 1)

On-Island LifeEdit

After the tail section of the plane crashes in, Ana unofficially becomes the leader of that group of survivors. The 'tailies' do not fare as well as the group on the other side of the island, who were in the middle of the plane, due to lack of supplies and people. The mid-section group had access to the luggage, which included medicine and other necessities. Also, without a doctor to treat their injuries, many of the more severely hurt tail-section survivors die within a week of the crash.

On the first day they are stranded, Ana takes a liking to two children. She promises them that she will reunite them with their parents, and becomes relatively friendly with Goodwin, an assumed fellow survivor who claims past service in the Peace Corps.

The first night, the Others attack the camp, taking the three strongest members of their group. They attempt to take Eko, but he manages to kill two of them and escape. Two weeks later the Others attack the camp again and abduct nine of the survivors, including the two children. After killing one of the Others, Ana discovers a piece of paper with the names of all the kidnapped, along with their descriptions.

After the abduction, the Tailies decide to take refuge in the jungle. During the course of the trek, Ana becomes highly suspicious of Nathan, noting that she had not seen him on the plane, and wondering about his long absences from camp. By the time they set up a new camp in the jungle, complete with a pit they dug as a jail cell, Ana accuses Nathan of being in league with those who abducted the other survivors (the Others), and places him into the pit. The other survivors express doubt about this course of action, but do nothing to oppose Ana. One night, when the others are sleeping, Goodwin frees Nathan, but before Nathan can flee, Goodwin breaks his neck, killing him, revealing himself to be in league with the Others.

Goodwin is able to abscond with Nathan's body, giving the impression that he has escaped and fled. However, Goodwin's cover is blown when Ana confronts him with the fact that he had emerged from the jungle just 10 minutes after the plane crash, but with completely dry clothes. Goodwin tells Ana that the children are safe and that those who were on the list were kidnapped because they were "good people". Goodwin attacks Ana, who after a physical struggle, is able to impale him through the chest with a wooden stake, killing him. Whether as a result of her actions that indirectly led to Nathan's death, or having had to kill Goodwin, Ana sobs with grief. Eko, speaking for the first time since the night he was nearly abducted, tells her everything will be all right. She asks him why it took him forty days to speak; he asks her why it took her forty days to cry. (The Other 48 Days)

Subsequently, the survivors encounter Sawyer, Michael, and Jin, after they have unsuccessfully attempted to escape the island via a raft, which the Others have destroyed, and have also shot Sawyer in the shoulder. At first the two groups take each other to be the Others, and after the Tailies place the three rafters in the pit, Ana (whom they have not yet met), is also placed in the pit posing as another captive, in order to learn more about the three men. After taking Sawyer's gun away from him, Ana reveals her true allegiance, and leaves the pit. (Orientation)

Eventually, the Tailies, beginning to trust the three, decide to let them lead them to their camp on the other side of the island. (...And Found) During their journey, Sawyer falls unconscious as a result of his wound's infection, and the insistence on carrying him to camp leads to increased tension with Ana. By the time the group is within range of the camp, they hear the telltale whispers associated with the Others, and as Sawyer, Michael and Jin's camp mate, Shannon emerges from the jungle after seeing images of Michael's son Walt, Ana shoots her in the abdomen, killing her. (Abandoned)

Sayid, happens on the scene immediately afterward, and quickly pulls his gun on Ana. Mr. Eko stops him and, after a scuffle, Sayid is knocked unconscious. Ana-Lucia, believing Sayid will not stop until he has revenge on her for Shannon's death, has him tied to a tree, and Ana's fellow Tailies, Eko, Bernard and Libby, increasingly find their loyalty to Ana tested as a result. Ultimately, Eko decides to carry the ailing Sawyer to his camp, and Michael, Jin, Libby and Bernard eventually decide to follow, leaving the restrained Sayid alone with Ana. The two slowly begin to bare their souls to one another. Sayid realizes Ana does not have a plan, but merely her guilt, and reveals to her his own past misdeeds, including his torture of fellow Iraqis during his time in the Republican Guard. By the end of the episode, she unties him and tells him to kill her. He tells her that it wouldn't do her any good, as they are both already dead inside. (Collision)

She does not attend Shannon's funeral, though Eko explains to her that most of the survivors understand that the girl's death was an accident. Jack tries to reconnect with Ana-Lucia, and the two share a bottle of tequila on the beach. (What Kate Did)

In the days following, however, Ana-Lucia continues to live separately from the other survivors (one exception being the dog Vincent, who she takes care of due to his previous owners, Michael, Walt and Shannon, being absent), until Jack, asks her to help build an army to fight the Others. (The Hunting Party)

Later, Locke tells Ana-Lucia about "Henry Gale", and asks her to interrogate him. Ana-Lucia is surprisingly sympathetic to "Henry" and tells him that she wants to believe that he is not an Other, since she feels guilty about mistaking Nathan for one. She asks "Henry" to draw her a map to his crashed balloon, hoping that finding the balloon will prove he is not an Other. Sayid and Charlie join her on the trek. While looking for "Henry's" balloon, Ana-Lucia says that she is sorry for Shannon's death, but Sayid holds no ill will towards her, blaming the Others instead. (The Whole Truth)

Henry attacks Ana Lucia and nearly throttles her before Locke intervenes. Ana Lucia asks Sawyer for a gun but he refuses. She tries following him to his secret cache, overpowering him, and finally seducing him. The last of these tactics is successful and she manages to steal Sawyer’s gun after their romantic encounter. Ana Lucia returns to the hatch intending to kill Henry. At gunpoint, Henry tells Ana Lucia that Goodwin did not believe she was a bad person; just misunderstood. Ana Lucia is unable to kill Henry, and confesses this to Michael. Michael offers to kill Henry for her and Ana Lucia gives him the gun. Michael tells Ana Lucia that he is sorry and then shoots her in the heart, killing her. (Two for the Road)

Ana-Lucia - Question Mark

Ana Lucia in Mr. Eko's dream

It is revealed that at the moment of her death, she appears to Eko in a dream, where she is bleeding from her mouth and stomach, telling him that "You need to help John." (?)

A funeral takes place at the beach and she is buried next to Libby. (Three Minutes)

Off-Island AppearancesEdit

Three years after her death, Ana-Lucia appears as a hallucination to Hugo "Hurley" Reyes after he escapes the island as a member of the Oceanic Six. Ana-Lucia appears in the guise of a police officer making a traffic stop on a panicked Hurley, who is currently trying to evade the police with a sedated Sayid in the passenger seat. Ana-Lucia tells him how to avoid the police, and also mentions that Libby offers her greetings. After she leaves, Hurley checks behind him for her police cruiser, only to find nothing there. (The Lie)

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