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Name Amy
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of the DHARMA Initiative
Family Husband - Horace Goodspeed
Son - Ethan Rom
Husband (Deceased) - Paul
Episode(s) LaFleur, Namaste, He's Our You
Played By Reiko Aylesworth

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Amy was a member of the DHARMA Initiative, and was the wife of Horace Goodspeed. During her time on the island, Amy, with Horace as the father, gave birth to Ethan Rom.

In the DHARMA InitiativeEdit

Some time in 1974, Amy was married to a man named Paul, who was also a member of the Initiative. While on a picnic in a clearing on the island, the two were attacked by a pair of hostiles, who murdered Paul and restrained Amy. The two assailants began to attempt to put a burlap sack over Amy's head, but were stopped when Juliet and Sawyer ambushed the attackers and killed them. After they rescued Amy, Sawyer and Juliet insisted that they leave the area immediately before more hostiles arrived. Amy, however, was adamant that the two dead attackers must be buried, as the death of the two hostiles violated the truce between the island natives and the DHARMA Initiative. After some argument, Sawyer relented. Amy also insisted that Paul's body be brought back with them to the DHARMA Initiative barracks. However, despite her rescue at the hand of Sawyer and Juliet, Amy still had her doubts about their true intentions, and when she brought them to the sonic fence, she feigned its deactivation and caused Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Daniel and Miles to be knocked unconscious by the still-activated fence. Amy was spared the effects of the fence by apparently wearing some form of earplugs.

Upon returning to the DHARMA barracks, Amy then spent some time in the camp's infirmary with Paul's corpse in a state of mourning. Upon the arrival of Richard Alpert to the DHARMA village, Sawyer coerced the hostile member to remain at peace with the DHARMA Initiative, as he stated that the DHARMA Initiative didn't murder the two hostile attackers, he did. As the truce between DHARMA and the hostiles was not technically violated, Richard agreed not to break the peace. However, to exact justice, Richard demanded that Paul's deceased corpse be turned over to the hostiles. Despite the ghastly implications of the agreement, Amy agreed to allow Paul's body moved to the hostiles in order to keep the peace. Before Paul's body was taken away, Amy removed the necklace around his neck, an Egyptian ankh symbol, and held it for herself.

Three years later, in 1977, Amy was shown to be romantically involved with Horace Goodspeed, and had married him some time prior. Amy had also become pregnant with Horace's child, and was scheduled to be transported back to the mainland to give birth. However, before she could leave the island, Amy went into labour two weeks early, and was forced to give birth in the Barracks infirmary. Unfortunately, the only medical official on the island at the time was a simple internist, who was incapable of performing the delivery, particularly since Amy's birth had breached, and required a cesarean section. Juliet, who has since become a member of the motor pool of the Initiative, was volunteered by Sawyer for the operation, despite the threat of revealing her true identity in the process. After some work, Juliet successfully performed the operation, and the baby was successfully delivered. Juliet announced that both the child and Amy were in good health following the operation. (LaFleur)

The following day, Amy and the newborn child were resting in a hammock within the barracks when Juliet approached her to quietly retrieve the submarine manifest in order to forge the arrival of several returning Oceanic Flight 815 survivors as DHARMA members. However, Amy awoke as Juliet approached, and told her doctor from the previous night that her and Horace had decided to name the baby boy Ethan. Juliet, now aware of who the child would grow up to be, gave a look of apprehension while she cradled the infant Ethan in her arms. (Namaste)

Following the arrival of Sayid Jarrah, and his inadvertent capture by DHARMA as a hostile, Amy was present in a meeting of senior DHARMA members to decide what to do with their newfound prisoner. Amy firmly voted that Sayid be killed, as she could no longer bear the constant fear of living so close to a dangerous enemy, and wanted to ensure the safety of her newborn son. Following Amy's emphatic pleas, Horace agreed to put the execution to a vote. Everyone present, including a highly reluctant Sawyer, voted to execute the supposed hostile. (He's Our You)