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Alexandra Rousseau
Alex Rousseau
Name Alexandra Rousseau
Gender Female
Country The Island
Occupation One of The Others
Family Adoptive Father - Benjamin Linus
Biological Father - Robert Rousseau
Mother - Danielle Rousseau
Episode(s) Maternity Leave, Three Minutes, Live Together, Die Alone, The Glass Ballerina, I Do, Not in Portland, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Man from Tallahassee, The Man Behind the Curtain, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass, The Beginning of the End, Confirmed Dead, Meet Kevin Johnson, The Shape of Things to Come, Dead is Dead
Played By Tania Raymonde

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Alexandra Rousseau is the adopted daughter of Benjamin Linus, and is the biological child of Danielle Rousseau and Robert Rousseau, who shipwrecked on the island 16 years before the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 during a French scientific expedition.


Danielle's team became sick and she killed them all, later giving birth to Alex. (This Place Is Death)

A week later, Danielle saw a column of black smoke on the island and Alex was taken from her by Benjamin Linus, who was working alongside Ethan. (Dead is Dead)

Ben adopted her and told her that her mother had died, a fate that Ben is familiar with - his mother Emily died giving birth to him. (The Man from Tallahassee)

Season Two (Days 44-67)Edit

Alex met the pregnant Claire Littleton, whom Ethan Rom had kidnapped to take her baby. They were going to kill Claire once they got the baby and Alex told Claire this. She then knocked Claire unconscious and left her in the jungle to find her way safely back to her camp. Alex later asks Michael if she was all right, after participating in his capture. (Maternity Leave) / (Three Minutes)

Alex participated in the capture and transport of Jack, Kate and Sawyer to the small island off the coast of the main island with Ben, Tom, Bea Klugh, Danny Pickett and several Others. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Season Three (Days 68-91)Edit

Armed with a slingshot, Alex attempts to break Kate and Sawyer out of the small island where they are being held captive, but stops and gives up when Danny pulls a gun on her. (I Do)

Alex is successful in helping Kate and Sawyer escape from the Others, giving them a boat to get back to their island. Before she did this, they helped her rescue her boyfriend Karl, whom she had thought was dead the day before. After finding where they were keeping him and breaking him out of his cell where he was undergoing brainwashing, Alex, Kate, Sawyer, and Karl are about to leave when Danny turns up intending to kill Kate and Sawyer. Juliet steps in, shooting Danny three times in the chest and killing him instantly. Juliet then prevents Alex from leaving with Sawyer, Kate, and Karl.

Alex helps Jack escape from his cell to stop Juliet's execution. Thanks to their interference, Juliet is not executed, only "marked." (Stranger in a Strange Land)

Alex returns to her home in the Barracks, and is surprised when Sayid, part of the rescue party that has arrived to get Jack, says that she looks like her thought-to-be deceased mother. She later unknowingly walks past Danielle Rousseau, her mother, while taking Locke to the Others' submarine at Ben's request. Rousseau, hiding in the bushes nearby, sees her daughter for the first time in 16 years. (The Man from Tallahassee)

Alex approaches Locke, and gives him a pistol, claiming he'll need it if he was planning to meet Jacob. (The Man Behind the Curtain)

However, when Ben returns alone the next day, he bitterly returns the gun to her, and reveals his change of plan - he orders Ryan Pryce to take a team to the survivor's camp that night, not tomorrow. Sensing trouble, Alex flees into the jungle in search of Karl, who has been living in hiding since his escape. She gives him her gun and tells him he must warn the survivors, as he owes it to Sawyer and Kate. Alex also asks Karl if Ben is her real father, he gives no answer other than an uncomfortable expression. The two kiss before Karl heads off. (Greatest Hits)

After Ben learns about Charlie being in The Looking Glass, he goes to confront the survivors, and Alex goes with him. On the way there, Ben tells her that he is taking her to her new family. He also tells her the reason he locked Karl up was he didn't want him getting Alex pregnant. Once they meet the survivors, Ben tells Alex that Danielle is her mother. The newly reunited Danielle and Alex then tie Ben up, and take him to the radio tower with them. (Through the Looking Glass)

Season Four (Days 91-100)Edit

After the survivors merge into two separate factions, Alex joins Karl, Danielle and other survivors to follow Locke to the Barracks. (The Beginning of the End)

Ben tells Alex, Karl and Rousseau to leave and go to the Temple, the last safe sanctuary left, where the remaining others are present. On their journey, they stop for a rest, and Karl is shot in the chest. Danielle brings Alex to safety, however, upon attempting to escape, Danielle is shot as well. Alex hides behind the tree and eventually shouts "I'm Ben's daughter!", hoping to be spared due to her importance. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Alex is taken hostage by mercenaries from the Kahana, and forced to disable the Sonar Fence. Alex enters a code, triggering an early distress warning which is received by Locke via telephone. As Keamy and his crew commence their attack on the Barracks, he then presents Alex as a hostage in the hopes of luring Ben out. However, Ben refuses, citing that Alex is not really his daughter, that she was kidnapped as a child, that she was a "pawn, nothing more". Ben states that if Keamy wants to kill her, that he should; which he immediately does. (The Shape of Things to Come)

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