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Agent Smalley
Agent Smalley
Name Agent Smalley
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Los Angeles International Aiport Employee
Episode(s) LA X
Played By David Coennen

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Agent Smalley is an employee at the Los Angeles International Airport when Oceanic Flight 815 lands en route from Sydney, Australia in the alternate timeline created by the hydrogen core detonation. Smalley processes Jin and Sun as they disembarked from the flight. As Smalley questions Jin on the nature of his business in Los Angeles, he becomes frustrated due to Jin's inability to communicate what that business is. Not satisified by a letter presented by Jin, which claims he is there to offer a business gift to a client, Smalley searches through Jin's luggage, only to discover a large amount of money concealed in a pouch. As Jin has not claimed this money before the flight, Smalley is forced to take Jin aside for questioning, while sending Agent Anne to take care of Sun. (LA X)