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Melissa Cole
Melissa Cole
Name Melissa Cole
Gender Female
Country United States
Occupation CIA Operative
Episode(s) The Greater Good
Played By Jenny Gago

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Melissa Cole was an operative for the Central Intelligence Agency working with Agent Robbie Hewitt of ASIS, who was responsible for the detaining of Sayid Jarrah at Heathrow Airport in London, England. When she informs Sayid that the reason he was detained was not because he was a terrorist, but because he knew one. She told him that his friend Essam Tazir was a member of the terrorist cell in Sydney and that an associate of his had stolen 300 pounds of C-4 from an Australian base outside of Melbourne, and that if he cooperated in helping the Australian government retrieve this C-4 that he would be given the location of Noor Abed Jazeem with whom he’d been estranged with for years.

When Sayid confronted Melissa informing her that Essam did not think he could do it, he attempted to gain safety for Essam, and turn his roommates in as they were the ones she wanted. However, after Sayid revealed that Essam did not know where the C-4 was, she told him he had no choice to go through with the original plan. When Sayid objects, Melissa informs him that if he does not convince Essam to go through with the operation, that they would arrest Nadia for being an enemy combatant.

After Essam commits suicide and the C-4 is retrieved, Melissa presents Sayid with Nadia’s location and a ticket for an Oceanic Flight to Los Angeles. Sayid would eventually have his flight changed to remain in Sydney to claim Essam’s body to provide him with a proper Muslim burial.