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Agent Anne
Agent Anne
Name Agent Anne
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Los Angeles International Airport Employee
Episode(s) LA X
Played By Kesha Diodato

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Agent Anne was an employee at the Los Angeles International Airport when Oceanic Flight 815 landed en route from Sydney, Australia in the alternate timeline created by the hydrogen core detonation. Anne oversaw the processing of Jin and Sun at the hands of Agent Smalley. Anne witnessed as Smalley discovered a small pouch containing a large of amount of currency, which had not been declared by Jin prior to the flight. As Smalley took Jin aside for questioning, she handed Sun over to Anne to be directed to the waiting area. Anne remarked to Sun that if Sun was capable of speaking English, and if this incident was a simple misunderstanding, then Sun should simply say so. Sun simply feigned ignorance and stated she did not understand. (LA X)