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Season 2
Episode 2
Air Date September 28, 2005
Writer(s) Steven Maeda
Leonard Dick
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Michael Dawson

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Michael and Sawyer brave the sea after the raft is destroyed. Meanwhile, Locke and Kate meet the mysterious Desmond within the hatch.


The episode opens with Sawyer bursting out from the water and hears the screams of Michael, Jin and Walt. But since the only person Sawyer could see was Michael, he decided to go after him. Sawyer grabs a part of the raft that was scattered around due to the explosion and floats toward Michael. He was just in time to grab Michael before he starts sinking underwater. With his gunshot bleeding, Sawyer pulled him up the raft but he realized that Michael was not breathing. Meanwhile, back in the island, Locke manages to pull up the rope but Kate was already gone by then. After a few seconds, he decided to go after her and tied one end of the rope to a tree and starts rapelling down The Hatch.

Sawyer decides to perform a CPR and eventually saves Michael. Michael then starts calling for Walt and starts struggling but Sawyer held him down and he couldn't do anything.

In FLASHBACK, we see Michael sitting down in an office and talking to a guy who looks like a lawyer. He was consulting him about what should he do so they wouldn't be able to take away his son. The lawyer said that Walt's mother, Susan, wants Michael to give all his paternal rights up. Basically saying that they want him to "give his son away" so Susan and his current boyfriend, Brian Porter, can adopt Walt. The lawyer goes as far as saying that if Michaels decided to continue, he's going to need a lot of money to do so. Michael answered him by saying, "They're not taking my son away"

Then we go back to the destroyed raft again with Michael starting to recover and shouting for Walt. Sawyer tells him that he's wasating his energy because Walt is "not in shouting distance". But Michael countered him, saying that the only thing that's important is that if Walt can hear him, then he will know that he's coming to save him. Then continued shouting. We go back to the hatch to see things from a different perspective. Locke enters to find Kate, unconscious. He goes to help her and is confronted by Desmond, who was expecting someone else. When Kate wakes up, Desmond tells her to tie Locke up, but Locke tells Desmond about Kate's fugitive past and succeeds in convincing him to that Kate is the one who should be tied up, though he secretly slips her the means to escape. Later, Locke learns that Desmond has been in the hatch for several years entering a sequence of very familiar numbers into a computer every 108 minutes. What happens if he doesn't enter the numbers? Good question…

Back on the island, Claire finds a statue of the Virgin Mary in Charlie's things. When she asks him where he got it, he tells her that he found it on the island, but conveniently forgets to tell her about the heroin hidden inside.

Back on the ocean, Michael blames Sawyer for Walt's kidnapping and all the issues between the two of them are laid wide open. To make matters worse, a massive shark has arrived, attracted by Sawyer's blood in the water and intent on smashing their flimsy excuse for a raft. They see one of the massive pontoons floating in the water a few yards ahead of them, but they have no way to paddle over to it, and with that shark swimming nearby, it's out of the question. But this might be their only chance, so Sawyer hands the gun to Michael and dives in using his one good arm to pull like mad for the pontoon. The shark's fin appears just behind Sawyer and closes in fast. Michael pulls the trigger and nothing happens, but he clears the chamber and tries again—hitting the shark and allowing Sawyer to reach the pontoon and buy them both another chance at survival.

Flashback, we see how Michael came to "lose" his son the first time. In a bitter custody battle with Walt's mother, Susan, Michael finds himself outgunned legally and financially. And although he is desperate to keep his son, Michael is finally forced to accept that Susan is able to give Walt all the things he could only dream of giving him. So, one day in the park, Michael says goodbye to a son he barely knows…and to any chance of being in his life. And his heart breaks into a million pieces.

At dawn, Michael and Sawyer awake to find themselves pushed back by the current to another part of the island. They stumble ashore, completely unprepared for what they see: Jin running out of the jungle, hands tied behind his back. He yells at them in Korean - tells them to go back, to run! It's the Others, they're here! But it's too late. There, standing at the edge of the jungle, are five very rough looking individuals. And they don't look happy to have company…

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You got a Band-Aid?"

- Sawyer

"What did one snowman say to the other snowman?"

- Desmond

"I'll just stop bleeding then"


Background InformationEdit

  • The World Trade Center Twin Towers can be seen out of the window of the office in Michael's first flashback.
  • A Variant of the Dharma Initiative logo can be seen on the fin of the shark.

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