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Adam and Eve
Man in Caves
Name Adam and Eve
Alias(es) The Man in Black and his Mother
Country The Island
Family Jacob
Introduced In House of the Rising Sun
Appears In House of the Rising Sun, Lighthouse, Across the Sea

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Adam and Eve are the nicknames of two skeletons discovered in The Caves by Jack and Kate after being attacked by a swarm of bees. The bodies were located in a catacomb-like depression within the cave wall, and were found with a small pouch containing one black stone, and one white stone, which have served as a long running symbol of Good and Evil throughout the series. They were nicknamed by John Locke, who referred to them as "our very own Adam and Eve".

The skeletons were found in the episode "House of the Rising Sun" of Season 1, but their identities were not revealed until the Season 6 episode "Across the Sea". The male skeleton is the body of The Man in Black, and the female skeleton is the remains of his adoptive mother. The bodies were lain to rest there by Jacob.

When Jack and Hurley are searching for the lighthouse in the episode "Lighthouse", Hurley theorizes that the two skeletons may be "us". He was making a reference to the fact that the Island can travel through time, and it is possible from that, that the skeletons could be the remains of two of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

When they were discovered by Jack, he issued a guess at how long they had been there, and concluded they had died 40 or 50 years previous, based on the deterioration of their clothing. As we find out in "Across the Sea", they had actually been there for millenia as the bodies belonged the The Man in Black and Jacob's adoptive mother.

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