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Season 2
Episode 6
Air Date November 9, 2005
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff
Director Adam Davidson
Flashback Shannon Rutherford

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Shannon and Sayid wander through the jungle after visions of Walt occur. The Tail Section group slows their trek after Sawyer's infection worsens.


Sayid presents Shannon with a brand new shelter, and in turn she invites him inside to spend the night. After Sayid leaves to get a drink of water, a dripping wet Walt enters the tent. 

Shannon screams at the top of her lungs but by the time Sayid gets to her, Walt has disappeared again. Half the beach is awake now and they all rush over. Sayid tells her (and everyone listening) that it was only a dream—everything is fine. But the fact that Sayid publicly refutes her story leaves Shannon feeling angry and hurt. When Claire arrives with the baby, Charlie scolds her for waking the baby up and Claire actually apologizes.

In a flashback Shannon works as a ballet instructor, dreaming of landing an internship with a prestigious dance company in New York and lives her life with the ease of someone who knows they have their bet covered. But when her father is killed in a car accident things go from bad to worse. In her father, she lost her best friend. Boone does what he can to be there for her, but this type of grief takes time to process. Still, she soldiers on the best she can and even gets word about the internship in New York—it's hers! There's just one problem—the internship is unpaid and she doesn't seem to have any money. Her father always took care of that, so Shannon goes to see Sabrina to ask when she is getting the money left to her by her father in his will. And it's here that Shannon's world is turned completely upside down. Her father had no will. And through a living trust, all his assets go to Sabrina. Sabrina tells Shannon it's time to start taking care of herself—that everyone has to work for what they have and that the free ride is over. Shannon is kicked out of the only house she as ever known.

On the island, Claire finds herself more and more upset about having her parenting skills questioned by Charlie. As Locke helps her get the baby to sleep she rails against Charlie, admitting that she knows very little about him. 

Halfway across the island, Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko are leading what remains of their party on a trek to join the other castaways. They race against the clock of Sawyer's infection and the ever-present danger of the Others until silently and without warning, Cindy disappears. Mistrust and paranoia reign as they fight their way through the jungle and into the driving rain.

And elsewhere, Sayid tries desperately to connect with Shannon, who has resorted to using Vincent to try and track Walt. When he finally catches up to her in the jungle, it's all he can do to prevent her from falling into hysterics. She tells him she knows he thinks she is crazy and that they found the message bottle from the raft. She knows he will leave her as soon as they are rescued. She knows this because everyone leaves her. So he should just go now. But Sayid tells her he believes her; promises her that he will never leave her no matter what happens. He goes on to tell her that he loves her. And as they fall into an embrace, Sayid sees something that couldn't be there. He sees Walt—and Shannon doesn't know whether to be frightened or relieved. She takes off after him into the jungle and it takes a moment for Sayid to jar himself into action. But that second is all it takes for life on this island to take yet another tragic turn.

Ana Lucia fatally shoots Shannon.

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"Where'd the poster of Marky Mark go?"

- Boone

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  • Walt says "They're coming and they're close" backwards.
  • As revealed in Man of Science, Man of Faith, Shannon's father was killed by Sarah Shephard in a car accident.
  • Jack briefly passes Shannon while walking down the hallway of St. Sebastian hospital.

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