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Aaron Littleton
Aaron Littleton - Something Nice Back Home
Name Aaron Littleton
Gender Male
Country The Island
Family Father - Thomas
Mother - Claire Littleton
Uncle - Jack Shephard
Adoptive Mother - Kate Austen
Great Aunt - Lindsey Littleton
Grandfather - Christian Shephard
Grandmother - Carole Littleton

Adoptive Grandmother- Diane Janssen
Adoptive Grandfather- Sam Austen

Episode(s) Do No Harm, The Greater Good, Born to Run, Exodus - Part 1, Exodus - Part 2, Adrift, Everybody Hates Hugo, Abandoned, What Kate Did, The 23rd Psalm, The Hunting Party, Fire + Water, The Long Con, Maternity Leave, Lockdown, S.O.S., Three Minutes, Live Together, Die Alone, Further Instructions, Every Man for Himself, Not in Portland, Eggtown, Something Nice Back Home, There's No Place Like Home, Because You Left, The Lie, The Little Prince, This Place is Death, Whatever Happened, Happened, 316
Played By Matthew David Viventi (On-Island)
William Blanchette (Off-Island)

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Aaron Littleton was the child of Claire and Thomas, born on Day 42 on the island, and was delivered by Kate.

Mysteriously before he was even born, a psychic informed his mother that danger surrounded the child and that he needed her protection, a wary Claire opted to place the child up for adoption. When deciding to hear his side of the story, the psychic booked Claire on Oceanic Flight 815 to Los Angeles to meet a couple who she was told would be able to provide a good life for the child. (Raised By Another)

On-Island LifeEdit

Aaron’s mother was kidnapped by The Others, and it is suspected the reason for the abduction was to obtain the child Claire had inside her. When Claire agreed to get some rest, she placed her child in the care of Charlie, who would serve as the baby’s primary father figure on the island. Charlie affectionately nicknamed him "Turnip Head", claiming his head looked like a turnip. When keeping the baby quiet became a trouble for Charlie, he sought the advice of Hurley who performed his rendition of “I Got You”, which had no effect. When Sawyer’s southern accent was the only thing that soothed the child, Charlie forced Sawyer to spend the day reading to him. (The Greater Good)

When Danielle Rousseau arrived at the camp to deliver a sinister warning about the arrival of “The Others”, Claire was attacked and her child was taken from her by Rousseau, who was attempting to make a trade with the Others for the child they took 16 years ago. When Charlie and Sayid run to the jungle after Rousseau, Claire finally reveals the name of her child is “Aaron”. After visiting the Black Smoke, Charlie and Sayid find an emotional Rousseau who returns the child to Charlie, who in turn returns the child to an overjoyed Claire. (Exodus - Part 2)

When a crying Aaron will not cease, John Locke arrives and provides helpful hints to Claire about swaddling. After discovering Charlie's heroin that was hidden inside of a Virgin Mary Statue, Claire demanded what Charlie vacate their tent, and that she didn't want him sleeping anywhere near Aaron. (The 23rd Psalm)

After Aaron developed a rash, which Jack believed was Roseola, Claire left Aaron in the care of Sun. Claire left to search with Kate and Rousseau for the Dharma Initiative Staff Station where Claire was taken by Ethan when she was kidnapped. When Claire returned to the camp empty handed, Jack checked Aaron out once more and stated that the fever had broken. (Maternity Leave)

Off-Island LifeEdit

After leaving the island, as one of the Oceanic Six, Aaron is living with his apparent guardian, Kate, believing her to be his birth mother. (Eggtown)

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