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Countdown from 108:00

The Number 108 is the sum of the six "Numbers" (4 8 15 16 23 42) added up.


  • Desmond and the other survivors typed in the numbers every 108 minutes inside the Swan Station. Once typed in, the timer will right itself from whatever time it is currently at, back to 108:00 to countdown once more. ("Adrift")
  • The Monestary Desmond attended packaged 108 cases of wine. ("Catch 22")
  • The mural inside the hatch has 108 painted on it. "(Man of Science, Man of Faith")
  • According to Pierre Chang in the Swan's orientation film, the occupants inside will remain for 540 days, until the proper replacements arrive. 108 multiplied by 5 is equal to 540. ("Orientation")
  • When Kelvin shows the DIA film to Sayid, the ID number is #23108-42. ("One of Them")
  • The armory (where the guns are initially stored) span two lock combinations. When you add both of the lock combination numbers together, you get 108 (7 + 33 + 18, 18 + 1 + 31).
  • 108 is the number of days the Oceanic 6 on the island before leaving.
  • Hurley was told by Jacob to turn the lighthouse mirrors 108 degrees. ("Lighthouse")
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