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...And Found
Season 2
Episode 5
Air Date October 19, 2005
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Jin-Soo Kwon and Sun Kwon

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Michael, Jin and Sawyer lead the Tail Section survivors towards their Camp, and Michael ventures off to find Walt. Jin and Sun's past is further revealed, and Sun loses her wedding ring.


On one side of the island, Sun is devastated when she notices that her wedding ring is missing from her finger. While on the other side of the island, we follow Jin's attempt to return to his wife. Michael tells him that they will find each other again, soon.

As our survivors help Sun search for her ring, Jack shares that he lost his wedding band once. He looked everywhere - the garbage, the plumbing - and finally went to a jeweler to have a replica made. He tells Sun that it's now rattling around in his sock drawer. And Hurley recounts a story where his dog once ate a drawer full of change, suggesting that Vincent might be the culprit. But when the search is fruitless, Sun ends up in tears, ripping apart her garden. Of course it's clearly not about the ring as much as it's about the fact that she's lost Jin. Locke tells her that in order to find something, sometimes you have to stop looking.

Meanwhile, the Tailies enlist Michael & Jin to gather food and water before moving out to find the other survivors. Jin helps Ana Lucia fish, while Michael is supposed to help Libby gather fruit. But Michael takes off in search of Walt. And when Libby returns without him, Ana Lucia steps in and orders the group to move out immediately - before Michael gets caught and tells "them" where they are.

Jin wants to go after Michael, while Sawyer argues that Michael won't return without Walt. But Jin is insistent, to the point where he comes to blows with Mr. Eko. Eko, seeing Jin's determination and loyalty, offers to help him find Michael. Ana Lucia refuses to wait for them and moves out with the rest of the group, including Sawyer.

While searching for Michael, we get a glimpse of Eko's considerable tracking skills and come across the body of a fellow Tailie - Goodwin - whom Eko says was killed by the Others. And at the mention of their name, they seem to come out of nowhere. Eko and Jin hide behind some bushes as the Others march by silently in a line - the last a child, dragging a teddy bear.

When Jin and Eko finally find Michael, he refuses to return without his son. Jin tries to convince him by reassuring him that he and Walt will be together again soon. Michael reluctantly agrees and they head out to catch up with the group, and hopefully, reunite with their loved ones.

In flashback, we learn that Sun's parents have set her up with a matchmaker to find an appropriate husband - and it's not Jin. He's on a very different path, trying to make his way out of his station in life as that of a lowly fisherman's son. But after a series of near misses, in which their paths repeatedly almost cross, fate eventually brings them together - just as fate leads Sun to find her wedding ring, buried with the message bottle. And as she slips it on her finger, she registers a renewed hope that she and Jin will someday find each other again.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Orange?" - Jin

"So, the next day, Buster craps out a buck thirty-five in nickels." - Hurley

"I'm not lost any more." - John Locke

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  • "The Mysterious Island Man" is given the name of "Mr. Eko" in this episode.

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