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Season 2
Episode 21
Air Date May 10, 2006
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Director Deran Sarafian
Flashback Eko Tunde

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Eko begins to see visions of his brother on the island, and enlists Locke's help in finding the mysterious "?." Meanwhile, inside the hatch Jack, Kate and Sawyer tend to Libby and Michael.


As Libby clings to life, Michael must deal with the awful truth of what he has done. While Jack treats his gunshot wound, Michael knows that she is the only person who can say what really happened in the Hatch. This has him on edge more than ever. And while his guilt is profound, his desire to rescue his son is much, much stronger.

But what to do about "Henry"? It looks like he shot three of our people on his way out of the Hatch - one is dead and another is likely to die. He's on the run and Jack wants some payback, but is once again handcuffed by his value to the group as a doctor and therefore must pass the responsibility of going after him to someone else.

Eko finds himself drawn to Locke like never before and the two form an uneasy alliance as they set off in pursuit of the man who has wrought so much havoc in the camp. But as they make their way into the jungle, we get the sense this journey is about much more than revenge.

In FLASHBACK we see Eko as a priest taking confession in an Australian church. But when one of his "customers" makes a reference to Eko's past we learn that he still trying to free himself of the man he once was. It seems Eko is trying to make his way to the USA and he's finally got the papers to get him there, but his Monsignor informs him that his trip will have to wait—at least long enough for him to investigate something. It seems one of the parishioners has reported a miracle.

Back on the island, Libby continues to hold on as Michael sweats it out in the background and Kate has the unenviable job of telling Hurley the terrible news. Despondent, Hurley races to the Hatch to sit at Libby's side.

Meanwhile, in the jungle, Locke and Eko share a haunting connection in their dreams that leads them to the discovery of a new Hatch. And the information they discover within dramatically affects their feelings and beliefs about the island. Whereas Locke was the believer for so long, this new discovery has convinced him he was being a fool. But Eko's belief in the importance of what they are doing has never been stronger. And on this island, the stakes are as high as they get.

People see what they want to. And while one person sees nothing but smoke and mirrors, the next believes he has been witness to an honest-to-goodness miracle. Thing is, who among us is in a position to decide which one is correct?

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Take me to the question mark."

- Mr. Eko

"Well, ain't that swell, Gimpy McCrutch over here covers up that the Artist Formerly Known as Henry Gale tried to strangle your little amiga, and suddenly it's on me when she goes vigilante."

- Sawyer

"Every single second of my pathetic little life is as useless as that button!"

- John Locke

"I'm sorry I forgot the blankets!"

- Hurley

"Would you like to watch that again?"

- Mr. Eko

Background InformationEdit

  • The father of the "miracle" daughter is the same psychic that told Claire to keep her baby.
  • During the flash of images at the beginning of the episode inside Eko's vision, the following things appear:
    • People rushing to the beach after the crash in The Other 48 Days.
    • The "Monster" uprooting a tree.
    • Emma floating in the water after the crash.
    • The crucifix necklace which Yemi previously wore around his neck.
    • The "Others" walking by with the teddy bear from ...And Found.
    • A Fire.
    • Jin blindfolded.
    • The Virgin Mary Statues Eko purchased in Nigeria.
    • Eko and Charlie burning the Beechcraft.
    • Yemi inside his church
    • The Dharma Initiative Arrow Logo
    • The Bible which Eko had found inside the Arrow Station.
    • Eko carving scripture onto his staff.
    • Eko examining Goldie's body and his golden tooth.
    • Locke's surprised face after receiving the film reel in What Kate Did.
    • Mr. Eko gazing into the "Monster."
    • Eko discovering the crucifix necklace around Yemi's neck.
    • The Beechcraft departing from Nigeria.
    • The Nigerian Army arriving to apprehend the Beechcraft.
    • Yemi screaming toward the soldiers to stop.
    • Pierre Chang from the Swan Station's Orientation film.
    • The Swan logo which is affixed to the wall inside the hatch.
  • The DVD credits incorrectly credit Felix Williamson as "Dr. Ivan McVay" instead of Ian.

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