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Name Dave
Gender Male
Country California, USA
Occupation Mental Patient / A Figment of Hurley's Imagination
Episode(s) Dave
Played By Evan Handler

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Dave was an imaginary friend of Hurley's from the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute who later showed up on the island.

Santa RosaEdit

While Hurley was institutionalized at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, he became friends with a man named Dave, who unbeknowst to him, wasn't real. Hurley's doctor, Dr. Brooks, had told Hurley on several occasions that he believed Dave was a negative influence on Hurley, while the whole time having knowledge that he was fictitious. When Hurley went to visit Dave while the other patients were playing basketball, Dave convinced Hurley to go and enjoy Taco Night. Dave would often convince Hurley to eat, not wanting him to change his life or appearance.

While Dave and Hurley were playing Connect Four with Leonard, Dave convinced Hurley to give up his snack of celery and take one of Leonard's graham crackers. Dr. Brooks then arrived to take a photo of the two together. While having a meeting with Hurley, Dr. Brooks told Hurley that Dave didn't want him to change, and Hurley became upset with Dr. Brooks. It was then that Dr. Brooks showed Hurley the photo he had taken of the two of them, and Hurley then discovered that Dave wasn't real.

Later that night, Dave came into Hurley's room and attempted to get him to make his escape from Santa Rosa. When Hurley told Dave that he wasn't real, Dave slapped him, and then did so again to prove that he wasn't imagining things. The two made their way down the hall, and Dave convinced Hurley to take Marcus' lasagna, thus convincing him to eat again. When they made it to the window to escape, Dave promised Hurley cheeseburgers and chili fries, but Hurley resisted, taking into account what Dr. Brooks had told him, and left Dave behind once and for all.

On-Island LifeEdit

Dave would, however, reappear on the island to Hurley immediately after he destroyed his stash and was shocked to see that a supply drop of food had arrived mysteriously after doing so. Hurley chased Dave through the jungle, but only found his slipper left behind. When Hurley ran into Dave again, he insisted that he wasn't real, but was shocked when Dave threw a coconut at him, and ran back into the jungle. When the two finally came face-to-face for a talk, Dave convinced Hurley that everything that happened to him after he closed the window on him, was all part an elaborate dream being made up by him while still inside Santa Rosa.

Dave led Hurley to the edge of a cliff and stated that if he were to jump off the cliff, it would convince his mind that he didn't want to be there, and that he would wake up. Dave then said "See you in another life, Hurley" and jumped off the cliff.