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Semester 2
HIST 101: Alte Schriften an der Wand ART 101: Inspiration und Ausdruck mit Jack Bender
LAN 101: Fremdsprachen für Anfänger LAN 201: Fremdsprachen für Fortgeschrittene
PHI 101: Ich bin verschollen, also bin ich PHI 201: Ich habe Recht, du hast Unrecht
PHY 101: Einführung in die Physik der Zeitreise PHY 201: Höhere Physik der Zeitreise
PHY 301: Neue Physik mit Jeremy Davies PSY 201: Selbstentdeckung durch Familienbeziehungen
SCI 201: Grundkurs − Überleben im Dschungel
LIT 601: Die Bausteine der ErzählkunstTHE 601: Erforschung von Erlösung und Leben nach dem TodACT 601: Die Kunst des Schauspiels
LAN 601: Spanisch mit Nestor CarbonellLIT 602: Untersuchung von Charakter-ArchetypenTHE 602: Was ist unser Zweck?

Auf der Lost University Webseite gibt es Neuigkeiten unter dem Bereich "The Lamp Post" (dt. Der Laternenmast). Darunter sind verschiedene, zumeist fiktive Nachrichten über die Geschehnisse an der Lost University. Die Inhalte dieser Nachrichten sind hauptsächlich verbunden mit dem Erscheinen der Staffel 5 DVD, Informationen für eingeschriebene Studenten und amüsante erfundene Ereignisse, die sich auf Aspekte von LOST beziehen (z.B. das campusweite unerklärliche helle Licht).

22. September 2009[]

Department of Media Studies and Online Education to Open Tutoring Center

Can’t wait for the full-LOST University experience on LOST: The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray? You’re in luck! The Department Of Media Studies and Online Education is happy to announce the LOST University Tutoring Center, here at lostuniversity.org. These interactive seminars will explore various topics to help provide a better understanding of the elements that make up LOST. Tutoring sessions will be available to all who enroll in late October. Check back for additional updates.

Added By: A. Nussdorf

Exclusive Shirt Offered to New Lost University Enrollees

The LOST University bookstore is offering an exclusive Freshman Class T-Shirt at a discounted price for those who enroll now! This offer is for a limited time and only available for registered LOST University students. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be seen on campus in your LOST University swag!

Added By: Staff

Lost U Intramural Paintball Tournament Continues

Join us on Keamy Lawn for the semi-finals of the LOST University Intramural Paintball tournament. This week’s double-header pits the undefeated Freighter Folk against the 4th seeded Others, immediately followed by The Tailies versus the second seeded, Hostiles. See Martin at the recreation desk for more information.

Added By: Noreen O’Toole Editor

Last Chance To Study Abroad

Spaces are still available for the LOST University study abroad program in Tunisia. Spend a semester in the sun on archeological expeditions and conducting geological studies. See Lewis in the Student services building for more information.

Added By: Monica Armenta Director, Foreign Exchange Programs

18. August 2009[]

Hundreds Witness Unexplained Phenomenon

At approximately 11:59 p.m. last night, Campus Security received hundreds of calls from students, faculty, and other members of the community reporting an unexplained bright light coupled with and an ear-piercing noise. Several calls also mentioned a slight nose bleed following the event. Campus Security insists that there is no cause for alarm as it appears to be an isolated incident. Health officials will be available to answer any questions between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. today in the quad.

Added By: Staff

15. August 2009[]

Breaking News: Annual Air Show Cancelled


Due to a tragic accident, the 4th Annual LOST University Air Show has been cancelled. The Lamp Post will provide details as this story unfolds.

Added By: Noreen O’Toole Editor

LOST University Student Union offers a variety of meal options

Visit the LOST University Student Union.

Your LOST U Meal Plan is active at all of our delicious restaurants.


DHARMA SUBS The Best Sandwiches Of All Time



FROGURT Frozen Treats

LA VIDA TACOS The Greatest Fish Tacos Within Miles

VEGGIE NATIONS Vegetarian Dishes From Around The World


Also check out some of these other establishments in the student union...

CARLTON Q’S Billiards Hall

EXPOSE’ Magazines and News

LOST University Student Book Store

Added By: Staff

LOST Season 5 Coming to Blu-ray with hours of bonus features

LOST: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON Coming To Blu-rayTM High Definition And DVD

Burbank, CA (Wire Service Report) — The epic adventure of LOST twists, turns and time-shifts in its compelling fifth season.

When destiny calls, the Oceanic 6 must find a way to journey back to the island. Discover what forced them to return and find out the fate of all those who were left behind. The answers to some of LOST’s most pressing questions are revealed in this must-own 5-disc collection, packed with hours of bonus materials, including exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes coverage direct from the set, a look at the 100th episode celebration, deleted scenes, and hours of special features found nowhere else.

Found exclusively on Blu-ray is the main campus of LOST University, an innovative, immersive collegiate experience powered by BD-LiveTM. Join LOST executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the cast, and a panel of esteemed experts for a vast array of courses delving into the themes and storylines regularly explored on the groundbreaking television series. Through this robust, engaging, multi- semester experience, students will gain a better understanding of the story, unique insight to the mysteries of LOST, and perhaps even valuable clues as the show heads into its final season. Enrollment begins September 22, 2009 on Lostuniversity.org, where you will get the chance to register for classes, get your student ID card, and if you are up to the challenge, try to pass the advanced placement test. If not, a refresher course might be in order. LOST 101 is the perfect preparation before classes begin on December 8, 2009.

The show that revolutionized primetime proves once again why it is television’s most addictive and creative series. Be a part of this cultural phenomenon — prepare yourself for the highly anticipated series finale, with LOST: The Complete Fifth Season, coming to Blu-ray and DVD.

Bonus Features include...

   * LOST 100 — Blu-ray Exclusive
   * LOST University powered by BD-LiveTM — Blu-ray Exclusive
   * SeasonPlay — Blu-ray Exclusive
   * LOST On Location
   * Building 23 & Beyond with Michael Emerson
   * An Epic Day With Richard Alpert
   * Making Up For LOST Time
   * Mysteries Of The Universe: The DHARMA Initiative — The Complete Program
   * Bloopers
   * Deleted Scenes

...and more!

Also, look for the LOST Season 5 Limited Edition DHARMA Orientation Kit, available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Added By: Staff

New post created for Professor Nussdorf

LOST University is pleased to announce the promotion of Professor Adam Nussdorf to the head of the Department of Media Studies and Online Education. In this newly created position, Nussdorf will oversee curriculum and programming of classes specifically generated to educate and enhance appreciation of LOST in preparation for the final season. Details of these classes will be announced in the near future.

Added By: Staff

Campus Job Fair Update

A career in aviation is an exciting adventure just waiting to happen! Visit booth #16 at the LOST University Job Fair, co-sponsored by Oceanic and Ajira Airlines, today and find out how your work can take flight!

Added By: Staff

The LOST University Department of Theatre announces auditions for The Tempest

The LOST University Department Of Theatre announces auditions for their fall production of The Tempest. Please see the audition notice on the bulletin board outside the Emerson Auditorium box office for more details.

Added By: Staff

Free movie screenings at the student union


Join us every Thursday evening in Room 42 of the student union for some of your favorite films and a discussion immediately following. This month ... The Wizard Of Oz, The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Empire Strikes Back and Carrie.

Added By: Staff

20. Juli 2009[]

Student Enrollment Begins Soon!

A world of knowledge awaits you here at LOST University! As a student at LOST University, you will have the opportunity to dig deeper into the themes and mysteries of LOST, while at the same time exploring fascinating topics and subjects that relate to the world you live in.

Enrollment for the first semester of LOST University will be open to all students beginning September 22nd, 2009. At that time, you will take a placement exam and be given a Student ID, as well as be able to watch your LOST University introductory class, LOST 101. Semester 1 begins on December 8, 2009, at which point you will be able to choose and enroll in all of your classes, as you build credits toward Semester 2 and graduation. In the meantime, feel free to browse the online course catalog and get a head start with some of your recommended reading.

Added By: Staff

Rush Week is Coming!

Rush Week is coming, and Epsilon Kappa Omega Fraternity is currently recruiting. Please stop by our table on Orchid Lawn between the giant banyan trees.

Added By: Staff

Drive Shaft Cover Band Contest Tickets Available!

Tickets are selling fast for the upcoming Drive Shaft Cover Band Contest at the Hume Amphitheater. Only $20 with a student ID! Hurry, before they sell out!

Added By: Staff

Volunteer for the Smokey Patrol!

Help protect the university with this student-run service designed to promote campus safety and awareness. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, Smokey Patrol volunteers are available to walk students safely to their destination. Basic physical defense taught. Apply at the DeGroot Student Center, room 324.

Added By: Staff

Campus Health Center Update

Anti-Radiation pills will be given to all students free of cost, but only through next Thursday. You can pick up your pills at the Shephard Clinic between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Added By: Staff