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Lost: The Video Game is the official video game based on Lost. Ubisoft announced on May 22nd 2006 that they entered into a long-term worldwide licensing agreement with Touchstone Television to develop and publish a video game based on the television series Lost. Developed by Ubisoft's Montréal studio and scheduled to hit retail shelves worldwide in 2007, the game will be offered for home and portable consoles as well as PCs.

Director of licensing Pascal Bonnet has suggested that the game could take place with new characters that are not as yet featured in the show, much like the "Enter The Matrix" game, but that characters could make the transition from game to screen [1]


Ubisoft are the owners of the Splinter Cell and the The Far Cry series of games, and the CryENGINE games engine, which Farcry used. The engine is known for its ability to generate lush jungle enivronments, and has been rumoured to be used for a LOST game for several months. There has been no announcement that Lost: The Videogame will use this engine however.

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  • IGN.Com - "Lost finds its way to video games" - May 23, 2006
  • Ubisoft - May 23, 2006 - Press release - " Ubisoft and Touchstone Team Up to Create Lost Video Game"

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