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Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide is an unofficial fan companion book by Toronto writer Nikki Stafford.

The book contains an episode guide through the first two seasons, and also contains a summary of trivia including literary references, the numbers, Sawyer's nicknames, the derivation of the DHARMA logos, and a map.

Publisher's summary[]

Lost, the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning hit television show, has become renowned for its complexity week after week, sending both cult and mainstream fans to the Internet, encyclopedias, or religious texts as they try to figure out the keys to some of the mysteries.

If you’re feeling as lost as the survivors, then Finding Lost: An Unofficial Guide will help to put the pieces of the puzzle in place. Author Nikki Stafford, well known among cult television fans for her insightful episode commentaries, analyzes each episode of this groundbreaking series, finally offering some answers to confounded viewers. She illustrates the links between seemingly disparate events, piecing together the histories of each character and how they are intertwined, and helps viewers begin to make sense of the show as they watch it.

With exclusive photos; biographies of the show’s actors; chapters on philosophers, political figures, literature and literary theory, religion, numerology, and much, much more, Stafford’s book illuminates some of the mysteries of the show. Both casual and diehard fans will come away from this book feeling more informed about the characters, their backgrounds, and the island. Armed with these clues, this book aims to finally help viewers

About the author[]

Nikki Stafford is the author of several companion television guides, including guides to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Alias. She lives in Toronto.


  • The book is 383 pages long
  • This book goes over everything from a description of each and every book seen in Lost to all the guest stars and air dates for each episode of Lost.
  • This book covers everything in Season 1 & Season 2, that's the first 65 days on the island.
  • Contains 135 photos
  • The book has a chapter of filming locations with a map of Oahu, so fans could actually seek them out

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