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Episode: - „Wildschweinjagd

Hosts: Jack Bender, David Fury and Terry O'Quinn

(?)--Unknown spelling
[Ununderstandable]--Place after a word/words that are hard to hear

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[Jack]: Hey this is Jack Bender, executive producer and lucky enough to be director of this episode

[David]: Hi this is David Fury the co-executive producer and writer of "Walkabout"

[Terry]: Hello, this is Terry O'Quinn. I play John Locke on Lost

[Jack]: And Terry is talking to us from Honolulu

[David]: Where as we're in beautiful downtown Burbank

[Jack]: Right...Ok so to kick this off, no pun intended um... [Terry quietly chuckles]

[Jack]: This was a combination, most of this was shot, to feel like it was part of the pilot and a direct continuation from the crash scene so we have big ritters running and we had plane parts but all of this that we're seeing now, we did after the pilot for this episode

[David]: Look at that face

[Jack]: Look at that face, and know of course the dog trainer, Vincent's trainer had to shake a lamp shade at Vincent to make Vincent bark, I don't know why... [David chuckles]

[Jack]: Maybe it was a party he went to years ago [Terry chuckles]

[Jack]: The interesting thing about this and David was actually on the set [David laughs]

[David]: Believe it or not

[Jack]: Where we had...I don't want to get ahead of it so I'll wait until we actually have that part [David chuckles]

[David]: But this is uh

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: A wonderful sequence that Jack shot that kinda reintroduces all these characters that you know, something interesting here was the couplings, Claire was sleeping next to Hurley, we never really addressed that but...

[Jack]: [Chuckles] No

[David]: But we kinda went, "Let's go down there!" lets...[Jack laughs]...and there's Jack with his little tiny flashlight and Sawyer with his great big flashlight, and if you don't get the metaphor

[Jack]: Yes [David chuckles]...that's because I didn't make a big a deal as it was in the script, it was actually cool when we tried it and it didn't quite make sense. Those things happen sometimes

[David]: They do

[Jack]: Um, but this is the suspense of hearing some inexplicable noise's coming from inside the fuselage, boy this looks like a long time ago now that we're shooting episode 1x20 just looking at his and seeing that plane...on the beach

[David]: This is some quality "schmuck bait" which is a term I introduced you to Jack I think

[Jack]: Yes, it is...and there's the schmuck

[David]: Which is the whole suspense, and there's the schmuck! [Chuckles]

[Jack]: Alright so now we see something in there, the eyes, now this sequence, this sequence is masterfully enhanced by Kevin Blank, and that the night I shot it we were supposed to have wild boars running, trained yet wild boars running and the boars had been eating, and we were told weren't wanting to run, or do anything, so I shot every possible shot as if we were the boars and every reaction shot and designed the whole sequence on my feet to accommodate the fact that the boars weren't running, remember Terry?

[Terry]: Yeah I remember, and as soon as boars, we decided, become demisacated they just turn into fat pigs [All laugh]

[Jack]: I've often said that [Terry laughs]

[David]: Scariest moment for me I think was when Jack actually pulled me aside the night we were shooting that and said, "What if it's not boars?"

[Jack]: No, I think I did [He and Jack laugh]

[David]: "What if...", You did! [Laughs]

[Jack]: I did that's right

[David]: And I was terrified going, "How are we going to make this show work?"

[Jack]: That's right, what did I say it was?

[David]: You said, "Well, what if we don't show what their hunting [Jack chuckles], what if just put something scary in there but we never see it"

[Jack]: That's right, we were really tap dancing on the issue

[David]: And I went, "What is Terry going to do?" [Jack laughs] and he say's "Let's go hunt...something"

[Jack]: Let's go hunt something

[David]: Let's go berry picking

[Jack]: But really, you know what it's like as a director to have all these boars and they don't move and so they weren't scary. Plus I can't have our heroic lead character's running from this piggy, because the boars they delivered were these fat little...

[David]: Tiny

[Jack]: ...cute piglets that were walking around and nobody was scared, so that was another problem

[David]: Everybody just wanted to pick them up and cuddle them

[Jack]: That's right, so

[Terry]: Well that being said it really turned out pretty great, I...

[Jack]: Yeah

[Terry]: Everybody did a wonderful job acting terrified and this scene was sufficiently juiced up that I thought it worked great, I was really happy after I saw it because I had been really scared before I saw it

[David]: It really did, and I think Kevin really needs to be commended for the effects, those boars which were really effective

[Jack]: Right, and it also is a case of less is more you know

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: Were you, were you see less of certainly our monster in the jungle, but you see less of what's pursuing the people that's almost scarier, so just the glimpses

[David]: Yes, the "Jaws" effect

[Jack]: Yes

[David]: Yeah

[Jack]: Terry this seems like so long ago doesn't it?

[Terry]: It sure does, I remember it being actually, I was early, I was heartened by this night shooting because I thought it was kinda a test of if everybody's going to be a pro and like their lives depended on it and...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: Everybody came through great

[Jack]: Yeah...well it was also early on where I was reminding people constantly because this is just episode three, four...technically it's...

[David]: Uh, yeah exactly [Ununderstandable]

[Jack]: Well if the pilot was two

[David]: Right, right

[Jack]: But um, we're still dealing with the plane crash so survival is the only thing on their minds at this point

[David]: I love the way you always found a way for business for other people to be doing

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: You know, little things you know, drying out shirts or

[Jack]: Right, but actually you'd talk to me about the extra's and I was trying to keep as much movement in the frame as possible

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: To show that people weren't settled in, they were doing, they were having to get things they were people, there was that sense of movement and energy and in the cutting I did have to cut away from a couple foreground wipes [He and David laugh], it got a little busy.

[David]: That's alright

[Jack]: But luckily we had the film that we could...Man look at Harold (?)

[David]: That was actually, this was actually a scene that at one point was cut out...

[Jack]: Right

[David]: In the editing

[Jack]: That's right, you suggested putting it back and you were right

[David]: Well it just you know, it gave us a chance to take a look at Locke again

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: Cuz' we, otherwise we wouldn't see him until the end of the act

[Jack]: That's right

[David]: And what I love about all these scenes, and it's not just me being in love with these scenes that way that I scripted them, but again, it's an opportunity to understand you these characters are again...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: And what their relationships are and it helped to establish Michael's dislike of Locke and

[Jack]: Now this is something that I'm kind of proud of, I am proud of, directoraly because the approach here is all hand held and edgy and whip panny

[David]: Uh-hu

[Jack]: Uh, during the chaos of the fight and what's going to happen now coming up...there's this argument, it's ragged, it's on edge, nobody knows what's happening, it's spontaneous

[David]: It's something we had to address early on, is that airplane food, those peanuts, they can not last that long

[Jack]: Right

[David]: If they've been there for days

[Jack]: And now

[David]: Beautiful

[Jack]: The scene stops moving, and now Terry

[Terry]: It's the, it's the only time the knife landed that way you know [Chuckles], upside down [laughs]

[David]: You actually, I remember, you adjusted this monologue a bit

[Terry]: A little bit yeah

[David]: You pulled me aside Terry and you had some great ideas, there was just some, a little clarity in this speech here which I appreciated you doing opposed to just changing it yourself

[Jack]: This is um

[David or Terry]: Yeah

[Jack]: Terry, your work in this episode is just...

[David]: Amazing

[Jack]: ...Stellar, and uh, this was really a defining moment for Locke's character, this episode...this is the first time he steps up right?

[Terry]: Yeah, this is the first time he addresses the, this is the first time he talks to anyone except Malcolm

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: Basically

[Jack]: But it's the first time your character really steps up and claims some kinda territory, right?

[Terry]: Yes it is, yeah

[David]: Absolutely

[Jack]: And now

[David]: Now this is the part were we are supposed to say exactly what Hurley says which is, "Who is this guy?" [Jack chuckles]...he knows so much, what is, you know, what is his special secret...and the brilliant thing that Damon had was that he was an office drone [Jack laughs]

[Terry]: I just think it's beautiful how it ties everyone together and how it develops everybody in the course of that little scene and how their roles become so much more defined, and their relationships to one another become so much more clearly defined in that one little scene, it's pretty wonderful

[David]: Maybe now would be the time to mention that this episode was almost called, "Lord of the Files"

[Jack]: [Laughs]...was it?

[David]: Yes, this was Damon, Damon so excitingly coming to me and going, "I got the perfect name for this episode, "Lord of the Files" [Jack laughs], and I thought, "That's brilliant...and...totally not right" [Terry laughs]. But it was a little too glib of a title but it was so wonderful that I think Damon's still determined to use it somewhere

[Jack]: a hunting we will go

[David]: This is a scene that Damon actually took a run at, um, a lot of the dialog, a lot of this relationship that Jack and Kate, Damon felt very close to and he felt he knew their voices and...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: Basically, I basically wrote something like this and he came in and made it better

[Jack]: That's called "teamwork"

[David]: Yeah

[Jack]: Guys this is like amazing, I don't wanna like space out and not talk 'cuz that's why I'm here but, I'm just entranced...I haven't seen this in so long

[David]: When you add distance and you look at it again...

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: ...It's like looking at somebody's work [Ununderstandable]

[Terry]: I haven't seen it since it was aired I don't think

[Jack]: I haven't either

[Terry]: That beach was a very special place, it was difficult to work in but

[Jack]: Right

[Terry]: But it was alive

[Jack]: It really was wasn't it

[Terry]: Yeah

[Jack]: And, god, the blueness and the green

[David]: We moved from it because of the, the fuselage was it, because the tide was coming in

[Jack]: Yep the tide was coming in...yeah, now this was a the case of...Harold's a very versatile actor and, he can he can play it big and he can play it smaller and I had to do it both ways

[David]: Which is this, the small or the big!? [He and Jack laugh]

[Jack]: I think this is the, right on version

[David]: Yeah...right

[Jack]: I think that because you know, it's gotta have that comic permissiveness where you smile at least if not laugh, his awkwardness and his overdoing it but it can't be so big that you know

[David]: This is one of those things that was retroactively embarrassing for the character...

[Jack]: Yes, right [Laughs]

[David]: ...When he finds out that she actually speaks English...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...And he went through this whole pantomime

[Jack]: The truth is, Yunjin brilliant at, lying...I mean all this was played so...

[David]: Oh yeah

[Terry]: Yeah it kinda interesting that she's looked at as sort of, you have like this instinct that she's uh, that she's this angel but she's so, she's so adept at duplicity [Laughs]

[Jack]: Uh-huh, right...right

[Terry]: You wouldn't guess it

[Jack]: [Makes sound for no]

[David]: As so many of our characters are

[Terry]: Yeah

[David]: This was a scene I think I'm sorry it's not this one it was the Boone/Shannon scene that comes up after this that was originally in act one...I believe

[Jack]: Yeah we didn't do too much we just...

[David]: We just, no, it was just a couple of things that were setting up Jacks attitude about his heridecence to really look deeply into the doing a memorial service...

[Jack]: Right

[David]: ...For the bodies because he has issues that we of course...

[Jack]: Don't know about

[David]: ...We don't know but will come quite clear in the next episode, "White Rabbit"

[Jack]: Uh-huh...this was uh, Emilie de Ravin's plea before this scene to wear a hat [David chuckles], she talked to me about for two hours about how, "The first thing I would have found was a hat" and I said, "Well since this is just our fourth day on the island I don't want the characters to be that comfortable yet". She kept saying how she has sensitivity to the sun and she couldn't look at the...and of course the camera's running and she does a great job. [Long pause]. I tried to keep blue and green, which I felt were the two major colors of our jungle and beach. I tried to keep blue and green out of all the flashbacks...

[David]: Interesting

[Jack]: And it was something that I said, "Ok, let's let this be a rule for all flashbacks until we can no longer...". I mean I believe as producer on the show rules are to be broken when there's a good reason but it lasted exactly one more episode and until we had to throw out that rule [He and David laugh] but for this episode it worked out really well that Locke's world would be void of any kind of big splashes of blue and green

[David]: That was something else you did with the flashbacks I think, did you keep the camera...

[Jack]: Yes...right...uh-huh

[David]: Static or steady and keep the shots kind of, minimal which I thought was an interesting choice

[Jack]: Uh-huh...yeah I wanted, it was all very, the lenses were wider closer shots so that the background was more in focus and unlike the jungle where we were using longer lenses and a lot of camera movement like in this scene and I tried to keep the flashback TOTALLY still and composed, you know, godfather-esque in terms of a lot of camera moves...just to show the sterility of his world

[David]: There was another part of that scene that was cut out I'll mention just because

[Jack]: Yes, right

[David]: I guess it didn't work but it was an opportunity for Locke and Kate...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: To kinda find a little sort of "bonding" thing, it's her asking him his first name and than hearing it's John which would be the first time we would have heard it

[Jack]: Right

[David]: And then recognizing it's John Locke the philosopher and he's appreciative that she recognizes that and...

[Jack]: Right

[David]: It was a nice little scene but it didn't, it was one of those things that needed to fall out because it didn't come out...

[Jack]: Well when we were long, it became, and it was tough...I didn't help Evee but um, it was all so tough to play it because it was suddenly we were doing a theses on John Locke more than their characters and it was hard to find a handle on how to do that so, it definitely became a candidate when we were long

[Terry]: As I recall it was tough to do two jobs at one...

[Jack]: Uh-huh...yeah

[Terry]: ..To have a discussion and to go hunting, trompin' threw the jungle and havin' that talk

[Jack]: Right

[David]: Those were always tricky, and there was that little wheelchair we just saw [Chuckles]

[Jack]: Yeah...a little reference

[David]: You know it's fun to mention with all the things we do plan out that...John Locke wasn't immediately, it was Damon who came in, we were writing the first episode when he said, "I think John Locke was in a wheelchair when he got on the island" [Jack laughs] and I went, "REALLY? Your kidding, how could that be?" and we talked about it and realized, oh my god this is brilliant and...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...and so what we did was we inserted, we went back and inserted a wheelchair into episode one which Jack directed as well

[Jack]: Right

[David]: Debby Lawser (?) put the wheelchair in and put it in here as well...and it just makes us look smart like when knew it all along like we knew it from the beginning but um, that was just one of those things that we knew Locke had a deep dark secret and Damon came up with that, all the pieces fell into place

[Jack]: Yeah, it's interesting talking about the season finale which everyone will have seen by the time the DVD's come out and just, that issue on the know, the fact that no one saw it

[David]: Uh-huh...We had to work out the logistics of that make it, that actually make it work very well, but I guess the audience will have to decide that

[Jack]: God, look at the water

[David]: Yeah [Chuckles]

[Jack]: The winter has changed the color hasn't it Terry!?

[Terry]: Oh yeah

[David]: What color is it now?

[Terry]: And it's so much more calm there

[Jack]:'s, it's more turned up, there's more sand so it's not that rich's not as blue. This is another reason we had to see very little of the boars earlier because...

[David]: Right

[Jack]: know if they would have, as I said, if Miss Piggy would have been [David chuckles] what their pursuing it wouldn't have any tension

[David]: Yeah what I actually scripted is that the boar would be rubbing against, they would see a boar rubbing against a tree...

[Jack]: Right

[David]: But of course that was ridiculously impossible [Laughs]

[Jack]: Well since we didn't have a boar

[David]: No

[Jack]: We had a tree!

[David]: Once you get a, even when you get a boar it's like, how do you get it to rub against, you know they don't do what you want it to do

[Jack]: No they don't, those...darn...boars. Alright so there's the once again we had no real boars for this, not only were there no real boars injured during the making of Lost, there's no real boars PHOTOGRAPHED for this episode

[David]: [Chuckles]...All camera

[Jack]: Yeah, all camera

[David]: It's CGI [Ununderstandable]

[Jack]: There it is, and this

[David]: Yeah

[Jack]: Worked really well, scary...and we had the actors doing all that, the camera flying and taking their falls without the boars, once again Kevin Blank to the rescue

[David]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: Kind of comical I thought [Laughs] when we're...

[Jack]: Is that comical?

[Terry]: ...We're stalking, stalking, stalking and then we're just laying about like some bowling pins [David laughs]. We weren't quite prepared for what we were going to face there

[Jack]: No...Terry you're so good in this

[David]: Oh Bryant [Ununderstandable], thank you

[Jack]: See now that's an example of the, of the wide angles like this you know, and I had said that we put the vending machine in there...

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: Just the idea that the, these characters in the past are surrounded by things that they no longer have on the island, they can't put a $1.50 in a machine and get out, you know, a little granola bar...the things we take for granted

[Terry]: And yet it strikes me that, when I look at these flashbacks, and I've always felt this and maybe it's the Locke-ian point of view that, and of course you shot it that way, but everything pre-island is so bleak...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: It's just so, so lifeless

[Jack]: Right, exactly...the fluorescent lighting really helps and Larry shot it great

[David]: I love the actor playing Randy

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: I remember this night just feeling like I just want to go home, I hate this place so much...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: ...It was just awful

[Jack]: Yeah and the guy who played your boss...this guy is just terrific, and the guy who played across from you was just so perfectly, dead pan

[David]: Here's were I made an error in uh, as he brings up Norman Croutcher (?)

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: Norman Croutcher (?) apparently did not climb Everest [Chuckles]...

[Jack]: Really?

[d] ...And I don't know why...

[Jack]: What did you get letters? Or was this on...

[David]: Uh...yeah, some people mentioned that this was...anything that's mentioned on the show...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...People wind up doing research on, and apparently he's climbed some very, very impressive mountains but never Everest

[Jack]: Huh

[David]: So, I've given him more credit

[Jack]: This moment that Terry plays is so brilliant because it's so, really loominesque [Ununderstandable]...

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: ...It's so, the rage is so important and it's like, he just mutters under his breath, "Don't tell me what to do" and 'cuz he can't say it to the guy...

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: ...It's just so beautifully done, now what I tried to do is I tried to echo visually the shots at the beginning and the end of the movie past his feet here...

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: Whenever we're dealing with the paralysis, going in or out of it, tried to shot the feet in the foreground

[David]: Ah, this is were he had called her Helen

[Jack]: YES!

[David]: Right, because, look at the madness...he has to do this

[Terry]: Which is still something, still a mystery name to me that I'm looking forward to finding out about

[David]: Yes, as am I [Chuckles], we did actually come up with a great story for Helen but we'll have to wait 'til season two I...

[Terry]: Good

[David]: I think this is the first time Charlie and Hurley had their...

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: The great comedy team, the great "Laurel and Hardy" of the island

[Jack]: Yeah, I..I..I think Hurley's hair has grown

[David]: Ah, yeah

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: Yeah

[Terry]: Things have changed a lot, I just noticed in the shot early on, there was Eon, Eon looks two years older now than he did then

[Jack]: You know what, I totally agree with you

[Terry]: It's amazing

[David]: The island ages you

[Jack]: It's interesting, it's...everybody's changed...[Chuckles at Charlie trying to catch a fish]

[David]: And of course at the end of this scene, it was originally Jin had entered the scene, and again it was real long and it had to go away

[Jack]: I actually liked that, I thought it worked. Jin uh, yeah, Jin is off watching this and seeing how foolish they look and he comes over and he's able to, for reason we find out later, reach his hand into the water and grab and fish out and give it to them

[David]: Like Mr. Miagee (?) or something

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: And here's a nice slow thing, this is one of those things we added in later...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...Which filmed [Ununderstandable], hey let's give Sayid some motivation for why he's anxious to get back, it's something we threw in kinda late into the script

[Jack]: Well also what we did was...

[David]: Yes the...

[Jack]: Yeah, we did Sayid's episode and uh, we had just an indy picture of a girl but what we did is we re-shot this using a photograph of the real Nadia...

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: After we cast her

[David]: So the original airing of this episode...

[Jack]: Yes

[David]: ...Ah, it came very close to being a different women...

[Jack]: Yes

[David]: ...but fortunately "Solitary" was shot close enough we could...

[Jack]: Yes

[David]: I love the, that's a great frame

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: I love seeing the fuselage back then, the people

[Jack]: You know it's something we really try to do in the show now is keep that alive, and uh, we need to get more of that in thee encampment

[Terry]: Does it make you think Jack or David when you watch this, I mean that things have changed in any respect that you, that ya might, I mean I watched this and I go, "The world seems so big", I mean sometimes it looked biblical some of the shots I see...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: ...You know, is it still there, does it you know, do you still see it or...

[David]: Oh absolutely, it's still there

[Terry]: Boy it sure is different though, it sure does seem like a long time ago

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: It seems like a long time ago and that may be because we live it, because I'm having that same reaction...It seems much more innocent

[Terry]: A lot of it I think is the place, I mean I know the light was different, the wind is different you know, the scenery is different and I think it was more somehow kind of, I don't know

[David]: Well there's a real darkness that's been creeping into the show, I mean the more we uncover about these characters that, it sort of changes the environment around you, it sort of, everything takes on a slightly different...

[Terry]: That's true, that's true

[David]: ...Tone

[Terry]: I see exactly what you mean, the more you learn the closer your focus becomes

[David]: Exactly

[Jack]: I think it's, it's, it's a good reminder though too, but we have to remember that this was very early on [Terry laughs]

[David]: We were all learning

[Jack]: Now this, uh, yeah...we did that shot very near the parking lot, now this is a brilliant scene

[David]: Oh yeah

[Jack]: Let's just watch Terry act

[David]: A lot of people didn't understand what the machine was

[Jack]: Uh-huh, well but it's just there right, you don't want them to

[David]: I know but it's perfect, that's perfect

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: It's actually stimulating his muscles which helps to explain why uh, he, he is able to helps explain, doesn't totally, the island has a lot to do with it but...

[Jack]: Also this was not, you know, a scene like this directorily, you think ok I'm going to go high and wide and just do a sloooow, wrap around and push into a big ECU because it's just Terry, it's a one sided phone call and he goes threw amazing changes in this and Terry did it without hearing the voice on the other end and take after take we're just staggeringly brilliant and...

[David]: Watching those daily's was such a treat

[Jack]: ...And, and I just did it like six different cuts and wanted to always cut, I just wanted that sharpness as opposed to a creep

[Terry]: You know what was funny and was really kind of pathetic the character is that there was this, what was cut out of the scene with Stanley the boss, is where he actually does tell him off a little bit and...

[Jack or David]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: And you guys cut that part out and so, in fact Locke is celebrating about a word, about a line that was thrown over his shoulder to disappearing Randy

[David]: It makes him that much sadder

[Jack]: Yeah

[Terry]: Yeah

[Jack]: Oh now, oh here we go

[David]: Any excuse [Jack laughs] for Evee to take off her shirt

[Jack]: Well, any excuse for Evee to climb a tree...

[David]: And climb a tree, yes

[Jack]: ...We had a stunt double for Evee and uh, a different stuntman at the time who has since went away and now we have a much better one, but never the less, we were young and nieve (?) and just starting out but, Evee climbed this tree, time and time again and loved it. We couldn't get her down, this girl is a tom boy tree climber, that's Evee, and she goes all the way to the top

[David]: You gotta love that

[Jack]: Love that...I keep calling Evee...Evee, it's Evangeline um, because that's what we call her, it's her nickname. I call her Evila, Evette, many things. Rarely do I call her Evangeline

[Terry]: She's such a jock, I went out fishing with her one day on a deep sea boat and she's like, she reeled in this big fish, it's like she's been doing it her whole life [Jack laughs], she's uh, she's pretty remarkable that way

[Jack]: Now this...looks pretty good, there was a lot of discussion about that and David's script, I believe, originally we saw Locke moving down the mountain, right?

[David]: Yes, I was imagining uh, a huge massive, wide motion picture shot were you can see Locke off on one side...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...and the monster moving toward him

[Jack]: Right, and uh, what David imagined wasn't possible to get [David chuckles], um, but it works pretty well. We have this other thing now were Locke...this was very tricky and there was a lot of discussions, which is...

[David]: What's his reaction

[Jack]: ...Not to see the monster, but obviously the monster's point of view, and...

[David]: And what's his reaction

[Jack]: Yes

[David]: What is his...

[Jack]: And, and we discussed how high the camera should be, how tall this monster is, all these things that we're implying things about the monster and what we wanted to establish, and I was worried about it looking like a cheesy horror film from you know, the 50's...or the 60's or whatever, but um, thanks to Terry's work it holds...and some brilliant sound work I might add

[David]: Do you mind if I ask what you were thinking of when you were looking at that monster? Terry?

[Terry]: I asked Damon, you know, I said, "Damon I'm supposed to see something and I assume it's this monster, uh you know, you wanna give me a hint?" and uh, he said, "I'll tell you that it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen [Jack laughs], and I said, "Ok, I'll go on that", "And it's, it's tall" [Jack laughs]. And I remember when we were shooting it Jack I was afraid, I didn't want to look to terrified and I was afraid I'm over acting

[Jack]: Yeah you were worried you were

[Terry]: And uh, that's why it's always nice to have Jack there, he's a strong hand on the wheel and everybody relies on it...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: And you feel very confident working with him because he seems very confident while he's working

[Jack]: Well there are those areas that uh, of one's life where one is confident [He and David laugh], and for me directing is uh...but I mean, you know, you gotta be open and you don't know everything and that's part of the beauty of it

[David]: That's nice we get to wave a bikini top in front of the...

[Jack]: Right [David chuckles], in fact Mr. Fury here taught me something in the episode about a bit of staging I was changing, and arbitrarily because of a million things and he told me the sub-text in the scene and, and it was actually rather wonderful...

[David]: Oh

[Jack]: ...And it's something that wouldn't necessarily show up on the screen but just be part of the tapestry of what the writer meant and uh, and that's always good to be open to because it just makes it richer

[David]: I appreciate your being [Ununderstandable]...very much

[Jack]: It's true

[David]: Well it was just something, it was the climate that I came up from my prior experience

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: Working on "Buffy" and "Angel" shows is that uh, you know we tried to always kind of, everything had a meaning to it and if we...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...can kinda maintain that, some people pick up on it...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...Some people won't, I'm always willing to let go of things that, you know, if it's not registering or if it's not...doesn't matter...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: So you taught me that [He and Jack laugh]...

[Jack]: Early on

[David]: ...'cuz there's a lot of things that were changed and I go, "You know what, it's better this way"...

[Jack]: Oh I know [Ununderstandable]

[David]: ...The teaser was better...

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: ...Because we ended up Locke seeing boar's instead of Jack saying, "Run"

[Jack]: Right

[David]: And here we get the hint of why Jack has a problem with dealing with death

[Jack]: Scottie's a lovely actress

[David]: She is, miss her very much, she's doing a play now which is why...

[Jack]: I know, I heard

[David]: We can't use her uh, as much as we'd like, in the finale we'd like to have her...

[Jack]: She's kind of like a spiritual...

[David]: Uh-huh...she has faith

[Jack]: Uh-huh...that's a great line, "Probably thinking that about us", I love that, that just turns your head right around...and now, the Margreete (?) painting

[David]: [Laughs]...that's not our actor

[Jack]: No

[David]: That's not John Terry that's...

[Jack]: Which only makes it weirder

[David]: [Laughs], exactly...somebody who looks enough like him from a distance

[Jack]: That was interesting because there had to be a certain deadness to the image and one point I had him turn away and it looked so stupid in the end, you know, what works and what doesn't work in those visions...

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: A lot of experimentation, MAN...we used to get dirty on this show Terry...

[David]: Yeah

[Jack]: ...Look at that girl

[Terry]: I still do

[Jack]: Yeah I know

[Terry]: I'm still the pigpen of the island [David laughs], happily playing in the dirt

[David]: [Ununderstandable]

[Jack]: You know what it is, a lot of the scars aren't raw anymore, you know, their healed over meteorically and literally

[Terry]: Right

[David]: At this point of course we're supposed to think, or may think, Locke has met his fate with the monster

[Jack]: Right

[David]: Most people don't look at the opening credits

[Jack]: [Chuckles]

[Terry]: I just love that light, such a beautiful quality of light out there

[Jack]: Well you know, we're going to get a lot back, we're going to get a lot of that again in the summer, it's also the summer there

[Terry]: Sure, yeah we're in the...yeah that's true

[Jack]: We're in winter

[Terry]: We'll be getting twice as many hours of it and a lot of that rich...

[Jack]: Right

[Terry]: ...This kinda light

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[Terry]: GOD that's beautiful...yeah I can't wait for those sunsets on the north shore...

[Jack]: Hmm

[Terry]: In the summer time

[David]: You know we have yet to explain the white sneakers

[Jack]: I know, that mattered to you this is David Fury's least favorite moment [David laughs], thanks to the director, David Fury wrote that Locke is walking in with the boar on his back and it was...

[David]: It was meant to be a little more shocking were he just kind of like, "pffft", burst through

[Jack]: No, I know

[David]: Yeah

[Jack]: And the uh, actually I promised David that's how we'd do it, and we had the fake boar which we're going to see in a moment

[David]: There

[Jack]: That when Terry put it on his back, it fake boar [David chuckles] that he was playing piggy back with...

[Terry]: It was pretty comical

[Jack]: ...And either that or having sex with the boar, it was very strange and laughable, and I didn't warn anybody and in those days early on everyone looked at every inch of daily's [David chuckles], and uh, David wasn't happy. But it ended up working out great

[David]: I think it worked [Jack laughs], I needed to tell you as I told you then, it works great...when I saw the daily's I went, "What?"...

[Jack]: No, I know

[David]: ..."How are we going to make a moment out of this, there's nothing mythic about it"...

[Jack]: I knoooow

[David]: With the music and it was cut and it's was this and...

[Jack]: We should of...

[David]: ...And Terry looked fantastic

[Jack]: Yeah we just should have had...

[David]: It was just great

[Jack]: ...A real dead boar, then it wouldn't have been an issue, that was my mistake

[David]: But it works beautifully, it actually...

[Terry]: I saw...

[David]: ...It actually looks more real, I was imagining something more mythic...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...A little more Colonel Kurtz

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: the being a little more "crazed"

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: But...what you come up with actually looks a little more genuine, you know, with Locke having to drag this thing...

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: ...Miles back to camp

[Terry]: Recently on the north shore I saw a hunter carrying a boar like that

[Jack]: Like what?

[Terry]: Strapped onto his back with his [Ununderstandable]

[Jack]: There you go!

[Terry]: It still looked pretty silly to me, I didn't know [Jack and David laugh], that was pretty funny

[Jack]: Thanks Terry, now this is, is

[David]: This is the most beautiful thing in the world

[Jack]: Yeah these are one of my, this is one of my favorite scenes that we've done

[David]: I was, this was the last night I was there

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: The burning of the fuselage, it's just so awe inspiring, I mean you write it but you don't know what it's going to look like and...that

[Jack]: Yeah, this shot, it's just a wonderful shot

[David]: That's just amazing

[Jack]: Yeah, that's good

[David]: And now Jack is the one who separated himself from the others

[Jack]: Now we re shot these straight on close ups and I guess Steve Sembell (?) never liked them, our editor

[David]: Oh, I never saw 'em

[Jack]: Yeah, I shot 'em...remember after we talked about...

[David]: Right, sure

[Jack]: 'Cuz I grabbed these moments just in profile and we went and shot the close ups and uh, that I shot on the night

[David]: Yeah this was all perfect, this all played perfectly

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: It's just last one were...

[Jack]: Yeah that last line

[David]: That last thing is like Terry...

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: ...His face is so amazing, I just wanna become...

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: ...Frontal a little bit

[Jack]: Yeah, well it was a question of, I certainly designed it that way and had no time

[David]: Right...oh yeah, you were chasing it

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: The time

[Jack]: Now this is wonderful

[David]: It's another testament to, how we can make Honolulu look like...

[Jack]: Right

[David]: ...A [Ununderstandable]

[Jack]: Now the trick here, a big part of this was we could never show his wheelchair in any of these scenes

[David]: Right

[Jack]: If you look back like "Sixth Sense" you can see...see right there...

[David]: he in the wheelchair?

[Jack]: Yeah, he's in...

[David]: Yeah and you shot it...

[Jack]: Yeah and Terry played, right? Terry you were in the wheelchair in every scene

[Terry]: Yes, yes I was

[David]: Now they lowered the handles didn't they, on the wheelchair? Because...

[Jack]: Uh-huh, yeah that was the only cheat...

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: ...The back handles, we lowered. But see that thing on the left is blocking...

[David]: Uh-huh, brilliant

[Jack]: ...Whatever you would see

[David]: That is, I love Terry, especially for that moment [Jack chuckles], his frustration. People, this scene makes people weep

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: And it's not just about the chair

[Jack]: See there it is

[David]: Yeah

[Jack]: And I decided not to make it camera dolly to reveal that but to cut, just to be true to the idea...and this is great

[David]: And I have to say

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: Michael Giacchino's music here...Giacchino's, he''s absolutely...

[Jack]: Back breaking

[David]: ...Perfect

[Jack]: Now here we go, and I confess, I was the guy who said from script on, "Why are we showing this at the beginning if we're doing it at the end?"...[Laughs], And I was so wrong, and, and Mr. Fury argued with me and Mr. Lindelof [David chuckles], and said, "Well it's an editorial choice", and I said, "No, I know it is but I'm going to shoot it". But look what Terry does here

[David]: Yeah

[Jack]: Oh, my god...and this really feels like the pilot

[David]: Uh-huh

[Jack]: It really does

[David]: I know he did an amazing job of...

[Jack]: Yeah

[David]: And you get a...and in a moment Jack's going to call him over right from the pilot...

[Jack]: Uh-huh...look at Terry's reaction just thanking god, what were you doing there Terry?...That shot's from the pilot...

[David]: Uh-huh...A lot of people think the chair is burning

[Jack]: Uh-huh

[David]: But it's not

[Jack]: No it's not

[David]: It's not intended to be, it's actually...some ways in front of the uh...

[Jack]: Yeah it is...Now that shot, I had the idea for that

[David]: Yes you did, it was great...Thank you again, both of you

[Terry]: I'll tell you what David, you know, when I was reading that stuff I, you know, I would go do one scene after another scene and I was so grateful for the opportunity to have these words to say, these scenes to play and I'm, you know, I haven't been disappointed. Just to, it's just stayed uniformly excellent um, it's a great experience

[David]: Thank you so much Terry...Well thank you very much, it was was great sharing the episode with you more time

[Terry]: Alright well Jack I'll see you soon, and David I hope I'll see you soon

[Jack]: I hope so too Terry

[Jack or David]: Ok, be well

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